City-Karree, Neubrandenburg

Wettbewerb - Competition, 1. Preis

The historic old town of Neubrandenburg is characterised by a pattern of rectilinear block edge development, consisting mostly of residential accommodation and, along the more major streets, shops on the ground floor level. However, these shops are being negatively affected by competition from new shopping centres in the outlying districts. In response to this situation, a specialty store was to be planned on an incomplete block along the city walls between Turmstrasse and Neu-
torstrasse, in order to provide a centre that would attract passing customers for the shops. Our design completes the block along Neutorstrasse while maintaining an appropriate distance from the Neutor. A single-storey building placed in the interior of the block restores the street space of the Ringstrasse (ring road). The second level of the specialty store is placed on top of this volume. This storey, elliptical in shape, is separated from the
block perimeter with a low A/V relationship and, reflecting its special function, has a special form, without, however, abandoning the fundamental urban planning principle.