1. Prize in Architectural Competition

We are happy to announce that we won the 1. prize in the international competition for a pedestrian/bike bridge in Bramsche, Germany with our partners iSEA Tec, JKL Landschaftsarchitekten and Bung Ingenieure.

Collaboration with our partners in the interdisciplinary competition was amazing – every team delivered valuable input in our weekly meetings, resulting in an amazing design. Thanks again!

We are looking forward to building the bridge!

Inauguration of our retractable bridge in Berlin

The inauguration of our retractable bridge at #JVAPloetzensse took place on July 6th, 2022. The lifting of the central part of the bridge, giving large trucks with big payloads space to pass underneath, was the highlight of the event. We would like to thank all our partners for the great work in designing and building this extraordinary bridge! #schulitzarchitekten #bollingergrohmann #movingbridge #berlin #ploetzensee #architecture #architektur #ingenieurbauwerk

HDI Arena and World Cup Stadium 2006, Hanover

We would like to thank the photographer Lars Kaletta for this great image of our stadium. The photo was taken one year ago during the match Hannover 96 – HSV (Hamburg)

Heinz-Steyer-Stadium Dresden, Germany

In our design for the stadium complex in Dresden, Germany, the following aspects were determining: We placed three diverse buildings around a public campus, which can be used for various events, including public viewing. The 5-story tower next the street acts as a gateway to the sports-complex. The shop for sports, the gym and the medical practices are located in this 5-story tower, maximizing public exposure and facilitating public access. The public campus extends directly to the athletic ground, due to the spacious design of the entry level with its large openings in the tiers. The openings allow best visitor access and offer space for more than thirty wheelchair users.

Competition with UKL Landschaftsarchitekten / Krebs + Kiefer / Habau Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH

Copa América 2019 in Arena Fonte Nova

After the successful FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympic football matches in 2016, the award-winning stadium “Arena Fonte Nova” will stage five games, including the hosting country Brazil against Venezuela on June 18th.

15.6 Argentina – Colombia
18.6 Brazil – Venezuela
21.6 Ecuador – Chile
23.6 Colombia – Paraguay
29.6 Group C winner – Third in Group A/B

Ice rink for EHC Red Bull Munich

Schulitz Architects is proud to have been selected as one of eight international architectural offices in the design competition for the new SAP Arena in Munich’s Olympic Park.
Our design proposal strives for perfect functionality and exciting spatial experiences. The 11,500 spectator capacity arena with VIP-Areas and Skyboxes hovers over a series of three cascading ice rinks.

Water Lilly Green House Completed

The specially designed green house for the the giant water lilly (Victoria Cruziana) – including a 50 m² water basin – has been completed recently. The water lilly is now about to bloom.

First Prize for Competition Entry in Winsen (Aller)

Schulitz Architect’s design for the sports hall in Winsen (Aller) was awarded with the first prize.
Based on the landscape and the urban context, the building is aligned parallel to the main street as a rectangular building. All of the building’s essential functions are clearly visible to the visitor, including meeting rooms for the youth, as well as the changing facilities.

Ice Oval for Beijing 2022 Olympics

Schulitz Architects was one of the three finalists in the international competition for the 2022 Winter Olympics ice skating complex in Beijing, China, which comprises a 400 m speed skating track and additional ice skating areas.

In the proposed design, the Olympic Park’s existing landscape of hills and winding paths is extended to situate the new sports facility. It is located on an elevated podium within this hilly park landscape clearly visible from the surrounding areas. The landscape’s generous gestures welcome and invite the visitors, and accompany them inside the arena. The building complex combined with the surrounding landscape evolve to a place of individual identity and offer great opportunities for everyone. The distinctive triangular form derives from the inner organization, resulting in an iconic building, a new heart for Beijing’s Olympic Park.

The 400 m ice oval with its 12,000 spectators as the main Olympic venue is augmented by an additional ice hockey field and the new main attraction after the Olympic Games: an elevated ice skating track. The new elevated ice rink gives the public the opportunity to experience ice skating on a new level, promoting China’s “300 Million People Playing Sports on Ice and Snow” program. The ice skating track offers fantastic views of the inside and of the surrounding landscapes and landmarks.

A restaurant area on the top level with views into the Olympic ice oval, ice hockey rink and the elevated ice skating track complements the experience.

The design of the roof and facade follows sustainable aspects according to LEED Gold certification standards: The external horizontal louvre system illuminates the interior without allowing direct sunlight to enter. At the same time, the visitors on the elevated ice skating track have the opportunity to experience the views of the outside landscape. The roof’s skylights are oriented to the north, illuminating the ice oval and auxiliary hall with indirect sunlight. Solar panels on the skylights provide electricity.

At night, the building is lit up with LED technology, allowing the building to glow in various colourful moods according to the current event.

The design’s optimized flexibility of use, the ondulating landscape design, the highly efficient building envelope and its implementation in the urban context resulted in a top prize in the international competition.

MTV sports club’s new home in Wolfenbüttel

The design by Schulitz Architekten for the MTV sports club’s new home in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, was awarded with the first prize in the 2017 architectural competition.
Based on the landscape and the urban context, the building is aligned parallel to the main football field as a rectangular building. All of the building’s essential functions are clearly visible to the visitor, including the generous meeting room with a terrace and catering facilities. The complex also includes changing rooms, office spaces and a room for gymnastics and yoga.

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